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myc_faceshots's Journal

Chun!face saves the day
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Originally created as a 'caption me' community, it is now a post a chun!face comm. Yuchun's many lol-tastic facial expressions will be ninja-ing your f-page twice a week. blinkable is your new mod starting April 2009.

Feel free to join or watch the comm ^^. Please comment here if you want to affliate with us. Thanks.


Picture → random weekdays by fiat_amorfati
Gifs → random weekends by blinkable


fiat_amorfati is a fantalicious homin shipper who is in love with Jung Yunho but knows that she will have Little Parks instead. Her prozac is MYC!sexface, !dorkface, !happyface, !uglyface, !sexvoice; often taken with a hazardous dosage of SCM \(^0^)/

special credit to blinkable for coming up with the fantabulous comm name during a perverted discussion about the bois ♥

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